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Welcome modelers! These web pages contain plans and construction details for R/C, "foamie" aircraft that I have designed.

F3 Wing -- An easy to build, fun to fly, inexpensive flying wing made from "Depron" foam.
Flying V -- All EPP airframe and fast MH45 foil make this flying wing a real "Zagi beater"!
NEW! -- F3 RC Simulator Ver. 1.10 (1.4Mb) is a RC flight simulator for the F3! This new version includes a pylon racing mode, more realistic flight modeling, and editable flight model parameters. It incorporates a physics based flight model and OpenGL graphics. Please read the document in the .ZIP file for more information. Special thanks to Game for providing the slick terrain graphics and lots of OpenGL help!

ThermalCalc is an app which calculates the likelyhood of finding and keeping your sailplane in thermals. If ThermalCalc has problems running, try downloading MSVBVM60.DLL and place it into the same folder as ThermalCalc.

These plans are offered for free, but donations are humbly accepted. Please do not copy or redistribute these plans. The usual disclaimers apply -- I cannot be held responsible for any personal injury or damage to property caused by the construction or use of these models.