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Flying V Set-up

Setting Elevon Reflex and Throws

Make sure the clevises are attached to the top hole of the elevon control horns and the control rods are attached to the top hole of the servo control horns. Center your transmitter trims, turn your transmitter on, connect a battery to the ESC, and turn the ESC on (if applicable). Make sure the elevons move in the proper directions when the stick is moved. Turn the ESC off, then adjust the servo control horns so that they're approximately perpendicular to the top of the wing. Adjust the clevises so that the elevons follow the bottom foil. Turn the ESC back on, then add about 3-4 clicks of up trim. The throws should be about 5/8" in each direction for both pitch and roll control.

Setting Center of Gravity (CG)

Mark the bottom of the wing at 7" from the nose. Get the wing ready to fly -- use a 7 cell battery if you have one. Attach a pencil to the bottom of the wing at the 7" mark, perpendicular to the root chord. Or use a CG jig like the one shown in the picture (two 1/4" dowels in a wood base). Add nose weight (or tail weight) until it balances. I find that setting the CG at 7.1" from the nose is optimum for my level of ability. My wing needed about 1/2 oz. of weight to get the CG at 7.1" from the nose.