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Flying V Planform and Airfoils

The .PDF file below shows a top view, planform drawing of the wing. It includes dimensions of the foam wings, elevons, prop cutout, and CG placement.

Flying V Planform and Dimensions PDF

The next .PDF files show the root and tip airfoils. The tip foil has 2 degrees of washout built in. I recommend using 0.9 lb./sq. ft. EPP foam and modifying the foils slightly so that the foam TE is 1/8" thick. Be sure to check your print outs for the correct chord length.

Root airfoil PDF

Tip airfoil PDF

The MH45 foil coordinates can be found at Martin Hepperle's web site.

If you don't know how to cut the foam wings, please get someone with experience to help you or purchase them from Rick Powers (see the Bill of Materials section). If you'd like some information about how to cut foam wings, please check the following links: