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Flying V Possible Modifications

This page shows various updates and modifications for the Flying V.

400X Conversion

This conversion requires the purchase of the Zagi 400X conversion kit from Trick R/C. My kit came with a 400X canopy, battery tray, CF spar, 8 cell 1400 mAH battery pack, an extra prop, and Velcro. Since my Flying V already had a sturdy spar system in place, I did not need the CF spar. There was plenty of room in the Z400 battery tray for the 1400 mAH pack, so I did not use the 400X battery tray. Also, for ease of construction, I did not route out the foam for the battery pack. It turned out to be a very simple and worthwhile modification!

When cutting the canopy, I left some extra plastic (about 1/2" maximum) on the sides as shown to allow for the extra battery height.

The only modification I made to the Z400 battery tray was to add a twist tie to act as a battery hold-down. I used a twist tie because a tie-wrap may have interfered with the canopy too much.

There's plenty of room for the 1400 mAH pack (my 8 cell 600 mAH packs are 5-1/4" long while the 1400 mAH pack is only 3-7/8" long). Before finding the proper CG with the 1400 mAH pack, I first removed the 1/2 oz. of nose weight from the plane (I put the nose weight on the nose of the old Z400 canopy and use it with my 600 mAH packs). I then marked the position of the 1400 mAH pack for proper balance -- it turned out to be just behind the tie-wrap.

I first tried out the modification over my lunch break one day -- I got 12-13 minute flights (I get 5 minutes with my 600 mAH packs), with 50% of the time either hot-dogging or dogfighting! The extra 4 oz. of weight didn't seem to bother the wing much at all! Really fast in a dive now, but still loops, rolls, and turns great. I tried the 1400 mAH battery packs in my friend's Flying V as well with equal success. Dogfighting at these speeds really produces an adrenaline rush -- I'm used to dogfighting at Z400 speeds, which I'd guess are about 10 mph slower on average! I highly recommend this modification.