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Flying V Bill of Materials


Item No.

Part Description

Part Source(s)

Approx. Cost

1. Flying V wing cores Rick Powers $25
2. canopy, prop, & velcro Trick R/C $12
3. 5mm wing spars (23" length) APC Composites


$3 each
4. 3M Super 77 Office Max

Office Depot

$3 (small can)
5. fiber & colored tape Trick R/C

Soaring Stuff

$5 each
6. 1/8" balsa local hobby shop $4
7. 2 mm coroplast Trick R/C

local sign shop (probably cheaper)

$10 (24"x12")
8. Hitec HS-81 servos Hobby Lobby $18 each
9. control horns, rods, clevises local hobby shop $5
10. 6V speed 400 motor Trick R/C

Hobby Lobby

11. Deans Ultra Plugs Trick R/C $3 each
12. speed controller (14A or higher) Trick R/C

Hobby Lobby

13. 7 or 8 cell 600AE battery Trick R/C

Hobby Lobby


You will also need a transmitter with mixing functions. The Hitec Focus 3 AM can be purchased at Trick R/C or Hobby Lobby for about $100. Make sure you purchase the "glider" version, as it comes with 2 HS-81 servos (taking care of the requirements for Item 8. above).

When contacting Rick Powers about the wing cores, let him know you would like to purchase the Flying V cores.


- 5 minute epoxy

- sanding block

- small standard screwdriver

- small Philips screwdriver

- sharp hobby knife

- Z bender (optional)