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F3 Wing



F3 Wing
Plans & Parts
Setup & Mods

F3 Wing -- Setup and Modifications

1. With the model in "ready to fly" condition, make sure it balances at about 5.3" from the nose (the front of the "can" part of the motor).
2. Adjust the clevises such that the elevons line up with the bottom of the airfoil (this adds some "reflex" to the foil).
3. Turn the Tx on and power up the model. Make sure the elevon throw is about 3/8" up and down at the tips. Throws can be made larger as you become more comfortable with the model.
4. For the first few flights do not use motor power, just toss the model straight ahead and trim the model until it flys straight and level. Once it's trimmed, toss the model and power up the motor after it leaves your hand. Climb to "3 mistakes high" and try doing some turns. Land with the motor off (glide in).
5. Inside loops and rolls should be pretty easy when the model is setup properly. I've been having a blast with mine! I hope you enjoy your model as much as I have enjoyed mine!