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F3 Wing



F3 Wing
Plans & Parts
Setup & Mods

F3 Wing -- Plans and Parts

The planform and "cut out" drawings (.PDF format) for the F3 can be downloaded here. The "cut out" drawing is shown in .GIF format below.

In creating the F3, I used the Panknin twist formula (in Excel spreadsheet form) to help calculate the amount of washout needed and the CG location for stable flight. The spreadsheet and data for the F3 can be downloaded here. Though the calculation shows the CG should be at 5.5" from the nose, I found that the model suits my flying style better with the CG at 5.3" from the nose.

The parts needed to build the F3 are:

- 1 54"x29" sheet of Depron type foam (Award AUN109 underlayment)
- 1 48"x5/16" wooden dowel rod
- 1 8"x1.5" coroplast (4mm thick)
- Epoxy and 3M Super 77 spray glue
- Colored packing tape
- 6V SPEED 400 motor
- 14A (or higher) ESC
- 2 HS-55 servos (or equivalent)
- Receiver
- 8x600AE battery pack
- 2 3/4" blocks
- Control horns, pushrods, and clevises
- Gunther (Zagi) prop